Customs Act 2015


Approval of places within customs ports and airports

7. (1) The Commissioners may, in consultation with the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, with regard to any customs port or customs airport, approve for such periods and subject to such conditions or restrictions as they may determine, a place at that port or airport for the—

(a) berthing, landing, mooring, anchoring, arrival and departure of vessels or aircraft,

(b) embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, crew and their baggage, or

(c) loading and unloading of goods, stores and conveyances.

(2) The Commissioners may amend or revoke an approval made under subsection (1) or amend or revoke a condition or restriction to which it was subject.

(3) The approval made under any enactment of a place for the purposes mentioned in subsection (1), shall continue to apply and have effect as if it had been made under this section for a period of 5 years from the date of passing of this Act, and subsection (2) applies accordingly.

(4) The operator of a customs airport appointed under section 6(1) and the occupier of any place approved under subsection (1) at a customs port or a customs airport, shall, if required by the Commissioners, provide and maintain at that port or airport, such reasonable and proportionate office accommodation and other facilities for customs staff as are appropriate.