Customs Act 2015


Powers relating to persons entering or leaving State

31. (1) An officer of customs may, subject to subsection (2), stop any person entering or leaving the State and question that person with respect to—

(a) the person’s arrival or departure,

(b) the person’s identity, usual place of residence and actual or intended address within the State,

(c) the person’s baggage, and

(d) anything included in that baggage or brought by that person by whatever means,

and the officer may examine any such baggage or thing.

(2) The power specified in subsection (1) shall only be exercised in respect of a person arriving or purporting to arrive from another Member State or departing to or purporting to depart to another Member State where the officer of customs has reasonable grounds to suspect that the person entering or leaving the State—

(a) may be engaged in—

(i) the importation into the State of non-Community goods (including any such goods that have been conveyed through one or more other Member States),

(ii) the exportation of goods from the Community, or

(iii) the carriage of goods which are subject to any prohibition or restriction on importation or exportation,


(b) has not come from another Member State or is not travelling to another Member State.