Workplace Relations Act 2015


Amendment of section 20 of Act of 1946

50. Section 20 of the Act of 1946 is amended by the insertion of the following subsection:

“(5A) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (5), rules under that subsection may make provision in relation to any or all of the following matters:

(a) the bringing of appeals to the Court under Part 4 of the Workplace Relations Act 2015;

(b) the hearing of appeals by the Court undersection 28 of that Act or the said Part 4;

(c) the times and places of hearings of such appeals;

(d) the representation of the parties at the hearing of such appeals;

(e) the notification and publication of decisions of the Labour Court on the hearing of such appeals;

(f) the giving of notice of appeal from decisions of adjudication officers;

(g) any matters consequential on, or incidental to, any of the foregoing matters.”.