Workplace Relations Act 2015


Dismissal of claim by adjudication officer

42. (1) An adjudication officer may, at any time, dismiss a complaint or dispute referred to him or her under section 41 if he or she is of the opinion that it is frivolous or vexatious.

(2) (a) A person whose complaint or dispute is dismissed in accordance with this section may, not later than 42 days from its dismissal, appeal the dismissal to the Labour Court.

(b) A person shall, when bringing an appeal under this subsection, give notice to the Commission in writing of the bringing of the appeal.

(c) A notice referred to in paragraph (b) shall specify the grounds upon which the appeal is brought.

(3) Upon the hearing of an appeal under this section, the Labour Court may—

(a) affirm the decision of the adjudication officer dismissing the complaint or dispute concerned, or

(b) annul that decision and refer the complaint or dispute to the Director General.