Workplace Relations Act 2015


Functions of Commission

11. (1) The Commission shall, in addition to the other functions conferred on it by this Act—

(a) promote the improvement of workplace relations, and maintenance of good workplace relations,

(b) promote and encourage compliance with relevant enactments,

(c) provide guidance in relation to compliance with codes of practice approved under section 20 ,

(d) conduct reviews of, and monitor developments as respects, workplace relations,

(e) conduct or commission research into matters pertaining to workplace relations,

(f) provide advice, information and the findings of research conducted by the Commission to joint labour committees and joint industrial councils,

(g) advise and apprise the Minister in relation to the application of, and compliance with, relevant enactments,

(h) provide information to members of the public in relation to employment enactments (other than the Act of 1998), and

(i) attend meetings outside the State relating to employment law matters and industrial and workplace relations upon the request of the Minister.

(2) The Commission may provide such advice as it considers appropriate on any matter relating to workplace relations to—

(a) employers or representative bodies or associations of employers, or

(b) employees, trade unions or excepted bodies,

whether or not it has received a request in that behalf from any such person.

(3) Subject to this Act, the Commission shall be independent in the performance of its functions.

(4) The Commission shall have all such powers as are necessary or expedient for the performance of its functions.

(5) The Commission shall perform its functions through or by the Director General or any member of the staff of the Commission duly authorised in that behalf by the Director General.