Sport Ireland Act 2015


Service agreement

18. (1) The Minister shall from time to time make an agreement with Sport Ireland (in this section referred to as a “service agreement”) that, in accordance with sections 8 and 13, certain tasks will be carried out, advice given, functions perf ormed or standards adhered to by Sport Ireland in the performance of functions in the public interest, and such agreement may encompass such other supplementary matters as the Minister and Sport Ireland may decide.

(2) Sport Ireland shall, without prejudice to section 8, carry out its functions in accordance with any such service agreement.

(3) Where a service agreement has been made under subsection (1), it shall be a condition of the advance of funds under section 14 that Sport Ireland shall seek at all times to meet the terms of the agreement.

(4) Where the Minister has sought to make a service agreement with Sport Ireland, but it has not been possible to reach such an agreement, the Minister may direct Sport Ireland to accept a service agreement on such terms as he or she may decide.