Vehicle Clamping Act 2015


Matters relating to regulations made by NTA

4. F1 [ (1) Before making regulations under this Act (other than under section 15 ) the NTA shall

(a) consult with the Minister, and where the proposed regulations relate to a statutory clamping place, the body having responsibility for that place,

(b) publish a notice in at least one national newspaper circulating in the State and on its website

(i) indicating that it proposes to make regulations under this Act,

(ii) indicating that a copy of the proposed regulations is available for inspection at the NTA offices specified in the notice and on its website for a specified period (being not less than 30 days), and

(iii) stating that representations concerning the proposed regulations may be made in writing before a specified date (which shall be not less than 14 days after the end of the period for inspection),


(c) consider any representations received pursuant to paragraph (b) . ]

(2) The NTA, after consulting in accordance with subsection (1)(a), and having considered any representations made under subsection (1)(b), regarding regulations it proposes to make under this Act, may make the regulations, with or without modification.

(3) Where regulations are made by the NTA under this Act, the NTA shall publish on its website—

(a) a copy of the regulations or a notice of their making with a description of them, and

(b) reference to the statutory instrument number assigned to them.

(4) The validity of any regulations made under this Act shall not be affected by any non-compliance with subsection F2 [ ] (3).

(5) The NTA may make regulations prescribing any matter referred to in this Act as prescribed or to be prescribed.