Vehicle Clamping Act 2015


CIÉ property

34. The Transport Act 1950 is amended—

(a) in section 2(1), by inserting the following:

“ ‘immobilisation device’ means a device or appliance designed or adapted for fixing to a vehicle for the purpose of preventing it from being driven or otherwise put in motion;”,

(b) in section 20(1) —

(i) by substituting for paragraph (bb) (inserted by section 128(a) of the Act of 2005) the following:

“(bb) the provision of parking facilities for vehicles on land belonging to or occupied by the Board,”,

(ii) by inserting after subsection (2) the following:

“(2A) The Board may fix charges for the removal of an immobilisation device fixed to a vehicle and for the removal, detention, storage, release and disposal of a vehicle under bye-laws made under section 22(1)(ee)(ii).”,


(c) in section 22(1)(ee) (inserted by section 128(b) of the Act of 2005) by substituting for subparagraph (ii) the following:

“(ii) the making of provision for—

(I) the fixing of an immobilisation device to a vehicle which has been parked contrary to such bye-laws or parked without payment of the charge fixed for its parking in any place on such land,

(II) the removal of such an immobilisation device,

(III) the removal, detention, storage and release of a vehicle so parked, and

(IV) the disposal of a vehicle detained,”.