Vehicle Clamping Act 2015


Powers of authorised persons

23. (1) The NTA may appoint in writing persons or a class of persons to be authorised persons for the purposes of this Part.

(2) A person appointed as an authorised person under subsection (1) shall, on his or her appointment, be furnished by the NTA with a warrant of his or her appointment and when exercising a power conferred on an authorised person under this section shall, if requested by any person affected, produce the warrant to that person for inspection.

(3) An authorised person, for the purposes of ensuring compliance with this Act, may—

(a) subject to subsection (4), at any reasonable time, enter any place where any clamping activity is being carried on or the premises of a clamping operator or parking controller, search the place or premises and examine any signs located there and any records or documents found there,

(b) require a person in charge of the premises or place to produce to him or her any record or documents (and in the case of such record or document stored in non-legible form, produce to him or her a copy in legible form) relating to clamping activities which are in the person’s power and control and to give the authorised person such information as he or she may reasonably require for the purpose of enforcing this Act,

(c) inspect and take extracts from or make copies of such records or documents (including in the case of information in a non-legible form, an extract from or copy of such information in permanent legible form),

(d) remove and retain such records or documents for a reasonable period for future inspection, and

(e) take photographic or video evidence.

(4) An authorised person shall not enter, except with the consent of the occupier or under a search warrant under section 24 , a private dwelling for the purposes of this Act.