Road Traffic Act 2014


Amendment of Act of 2012

24. The Act of 2012 is amended—

(a) in section 12(2) (b) (i) by substituting “from the commencement of this section” for “of the passing of this Act”,

(b) in section 17(1), by inserting “and subject to such conditions as he or she considers appropriate” after “on an application to him or her”,

(c) in section 19(b) by inserting “or, notwithstanding that the non-compliance has been rectified, the notification is a third or subsequent notification in respect of the same authorisation,” after “situation”,

(d) by inserting after section 19 the following:

Provision of false information in application

19A. (1) Where the Minister determines that, in an application for—

(a) an authorisation under section 9,

(b) an amendment to an authorisation under section 14,

(c) a renewal of an authorisation under section 15, or

(d) an authorisation under section 17,

a person provided information which was false or misleading, and which at the time of the application the person ought to have known was false or misleading, the Minister may revoke the authorisation to which the application relates.

(2) A person who in an application referred to in subsection (1) provides information which at the time of the application he or she knows, or ought reasonably to know, is false or misleading commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a class A fine.”,

(e) in section 25(5) —

(i) by inserting “, or another authorised officer acting on his or her behalf” after “he or she”, and

(ii) in paragraph (b), by inserting “or CVR tester” after “CVR test operator”,

(f) in section 34(1) (a), by inserting “or a member of Customs and Excise” after “a member of the Garda Síochána”, and

(g) in section 41(4) (b) by substituting “authorised officers, CVR inspectors, consultants and advisors” for “enforcement officers, consultations or advisors.”.