Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland Act 2014


Functions of SBCI

8. (1) The functions of the SBCI shall be—

(a) to provide, and promote the provision of, additional credit in a prudent manner to enterprises or other persons in the State, in particular SMEs,

(b) to design or cause to be designed credit facilities which consistently address the financial needs of borrowers, in particular SMEs, be they related to growth, investment or operational needs,

(c) to promote competition in markets for the provision of credit to borrowers, in particular SMEs,

(d) to encourage an increase in the number of providers of finance to borrowers in the State,

(e) to encourage the entry to the market of new providers of credit,

(f) to contribute to the diversity of the types of finance available in the State,

(g) to source international funding to facilitate lending,

(h) to provide finance to projects which promote the economic development of the State,

(i) to facilitate the operation of diverse credit markets, and

(j) to carry out any functions that are ancillary, consequential or supplemental to the matters mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (i).

(2) So far as possible, the SBCI shall, consistent with the achievement of its functions under subsection (1) , seek to obtain a positive financial return for the State.