Health Identifiers Act 2014


Use of health services provider identifier and National Register of Health Services Provider Identifiers

20. (1) Subject to subsection (2), a health services provider who has been issued a health services provider identifier shall, on and after the coming into operation of this subsection for that Part of the National Register of Health Services Provider Identifiers in which the provider’s relevant information (health services provider) is contained—

(a) associate that identifier with the record that he or she makes, or causes to be made, of the provision by the provider of a health service to an individual, and

(b) indicate that identifier in any relevant communication.

(2) Subsection (1) does not apply in circumstances where a health services provider who is a health practitioner is required by or under another enactment to use a registration number assigned to him or her by a professional regulatory body in the provision of the health service or relevant communication concerned.

(3) In this section “relevant communication”, in relation to a health services provider and an individual, means a communication—

(a) relating to a relevant purpose, and

(b) sent by the provider to—

(i) the Minister,

(ii) another specified person,

(iii) an authorised disclosee, or

(iv) the individual.