Local Government Reform Act 2014


Audit committee

59. The Principal Act is amended by substituting the following for section 122:

“122. (1) A local authority shall establish a committee, to be known as an audit committee, within 3 months of—

(a) the polling day for the election of the incoming members of the local authority or,

(b) where the poll is for any reason countermanded, interrupted or adjourned, the day on which the poll is completed or the fresh poll is held, and from that establishment any audit committee previously established shall cease to exist.

(2) The functions of an audit committee are—

(a) to review financial and budgetary reporting practices and procedures within the local authority that has established it,

(b) to foster the development of best practice in the performance by the local authority of its internal audit function,

(c) to review any audited financial statement, auditor’s report or auditor’s special report in relation to the local authority and assess any actions taken within that authority by its chief executive in response to such a statement or report and to report to that authority on its findings,

(d) to assess and promote efficiency and value for money with respect to the local authority’s performance of its functions, and

(e) to review systems that are operated by the local authority for the management of risks.

(3) The Minister may prescribe by regulations for all or any of the following matters regarding an audit committee:

(a) its membership;

(b) the holding by it of meetings, including the frequency of those meetings and the conduct of them;

(c) the preparation of reports by it and the furnishing of them to other persons;

(d) the performance by it of its functions, whether generally or in particular cases, and the procedures to be followed in relation to that performance;

(e) the provision for privilege to attach to statements made to it or made by members of the committee in their capacity as such members;

(f) such other matters that are incidental to, or consequential on, any of the matters set out in paragraphs (a) to (e).”.


Editorial Notes:


Power pursuant to section exercised (6.06.2014) by Local Government (Audit Committee) Regulations 2014 (S.I. No. 244 of 2014, in effect as per reg. 2. In so far as this section contains no subs. (3), it does not appear to enable the making of regulations. These regulations are also made under s. 4 of this Act.