Local Government Reform Act 2014


Amendment of section 140 (requirement that a particular thing be done) of Principal Act

52. Section 140 of the Principal Act is amended—

(a) in subsection (3) (a) by substituting “at least 2 members” for “at least 3 members”,

(b) in subsection (3) (c) by substituting “not less than 5 days” for “not less than 7 days”,

(c) in subsection (4) by substituting “less than 5 days” for “less than 7 days”, and

(d) in subsection (10) by deleting “or” in paragraph (c) where it last occurs and by substituting the following for paragraph (d):

“(d) so as to prevent the performance of any function of a local authority which the authority or the chief executive is required by law or by order of a court to perform,

(e) to any act, matter or thing to be done or effected in the performance of the executive functions of a local authority in respect of its functions as a planning authority under the Planning and Development Act 2000, or

(f) to a decision to provide, to any named person or group, any service, finance or other form of assistance or benefit, financial or otherwise.”.