Child and Family Agency Act 2013


Agency’s discretion to publish other reports

94. (1) The Agency, as it considers relevant and appropriate, may prepare and adopt reports in addition to the annual report on matters related to the Agency’s activities and functions.

(2) As soon as may be, but in any event not later than 14 days after adopting a report under subsection (1), the Agency shall submit a copy of that report to the Minister F52[and, in a case where that report relates to the education welfare functions of the Agency, the Minister for Education].

(3) The Agency shall, as soon as practicable after submitting the report to the Minister F52[and, where required under subsection (2), to the Minister for Education], publish a report adopted under subsection (1)

(a) on the Internet, or

(b) in such other manner as the Minister F52[or, where a report has been submitted to the Minister for Education, that Minister,] may specify.




Inserted (15.12.2021) by Child and Family Agency (Amendment) Act 2021 (34/2021), s. 28(a), (b)(i), (ii), S.I. No. 697 of 2021.