Criminal Justice Act 2013


Amendment of section 54 of Act of 2010

11. Section 54(3) of the Act of 2010 is amended—

(a) in paragraph (a) by the substitution of “terrorist financing,” for “terrorist financing, and”,

(b) in paragraph (b) by the substitution of “facilitate anonymity,” for “acilitate anonymity.”, and

(c) by the insertion after paragraph (b) of the following:

“(c) measures to be taken to keep documents and information relating to the customers of that designated person up to date,

(d) additional measures to be taken in accordance with section 39 and the circumstances in which such measures are to be taken, and

(e) measures to be taken to prevent the risk of money laundering or terrorist financing which may arise from technological developments including the use of new products and new practices and the manner in which services relating to such developments are delivered.”.