Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013


Records as regards intensive units.

20.—(1) Where an inspection is made under section 19(1)(a) , the person in charge of the intensive unit to which the inspection relates shall make or cause to be made in relation to the inspection a record of—

( a) the date and time of the inspection,

( b) the name of the person carrying out the inspection,

( c) the condition of the animals inspected,

( d) particulars of any defect in the unit which was discovered during the inspection,

( e) particulars of any steps taken to remedy the defect, and

( f) such other particulars as may be prescribed by animal health and welfare regulations.

(2) A person referred to in subsection (1) shall retain the record for a period of 3 years after its recording and produce it for inspection, on request, by an authorised officer.

(3) A record required to be maintained under this section may be maintained in non-legible form if it is capable of being reproduced in legible form if so requested by an authorised officer.

(4) A person who fails to comply with this section commits an offence.

(5) In this section “intensive unit” has the meaning assigned to it in section 19(8) .