Europol Act 2012


Functions of national unit.

5.— (1) For the purposes of this Act and the Council Decision, the national unit shall have the following functions:

( a) to accept requests from Europol to initiate investigations in relation to alleged criminal offences and inform the designated competent authorities of such requests as soon as practicable;

( b) to liaise with Europol and the designated competent authorities of other Member States;

( c) to communicate information and intelligence to Europol which the head of the national unit considers necessary for Europol to carry out its tasks;

( d) to issue a request to Europol for advice, information, intelligence or analysis;

( e) to respond to requests from Europol for information, intelligence or advice;

( f) to provide Europol with information for processing in its databases;

( g) to perform such other tasks as are required by the Council Decision.

(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1) , the national unit may refuse to provide information to Europol where to do so would be likely to—

( a) prejudice the security or other essential interests of the State or be contrary to public policy,

( b) prejudice criminal proceedings or investigations in relation to alleged criminal offences in the State, or

( c) jeopardise the safety of a person.

(3) The national unit shall for the purposes of sections 8 and 9 communicate directly with the Europol Information System.

(4) The national unit may for the purposes of the Council Decision—

( a) access the Europol Information System, and

( b) receive information and intelligence from that system.