Personal Insolvency Act 2012


Amendment of section 8 of Bankruptcy Act 1988.

144.— Section 8 of the Bankruptcy Act 1988 is amended—

(a) by the substitution of the following for subsection (1):

“(1) A summons (in this Act referred to as a ‘bankruptcy summons’) may be granted by the court to a person (in this section referred to as ‘the creditor’) who proves that—

(a) a debt of more than €20,000 is due to the creditor concerned by the person against whom the summons is sought,

(b) the debt is a liquidated sum, and

(c) the creditor concerned has given not less than 14 days’ notice to the debtor of the creditor’s intention to apply for a bankruptcy summons and the debt remains unpaid.”,


(b) in subsection (2) by the substitution of “more than €20,000” for “€1,300 or more”.