Public Service Pensions (Single Scheme and Other Provisions) Act 2012


Application of certain provisions in Acts relating to pre-existing public service pension schemes.

15.— (1) Where any statutory provision directly relating to and solely for the purposes of one or more than one pre-existing public service pension scheme makes provision for any matter not provided for by the Scheme and that matter is not inconsistent with the Scheme, then the Minister may by regulations apply, with or without modification, that provision to the Scheme to deal with corresponding matters or circumstances.

(2) In making regulations under subsection (1), the Minister may provide that the provisions concerned apply only to a class or classes of members of the Scheme but only if in so doing it is not inconsistent with the Scheme.

(3) A draft of any regulations proposed to be made by the Minister under subsection (1) shall be laid before each House of the Oireachtas and the regulations shall not be made until a motion approving of the draft has been passed by each such House.