Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Act 2011


F13[Complaints procedures

66D. (1) The postcode contractor shall draw up procedures for dealing with complaints by an owner or occupier of property, (in this section referred to as the complainant) relating to the use of postcodes by the postcode contractor or a value added reseller and shall publish details of the procedures on the internet.

(2) The postcode contractor may decide not to deal with a complaint where the complaint is, in its opinion, trivial, vexatious or frivolous or not made in good faith.

(3) A complainant shall comply with all reasonable requests for information by the postcode contractor in carrying out an investigation into a complaint received by it.

(4) A complaint shall be submitted by the complainant in writing to the postcode contractor.

(5) The postcode contractor shall notify the complainant concerned in writing of the reasons for its decision.

(6) The postcode contractor shall prepare and submit an annual report to the Minister in relation to

(a) the number and type of complaints and their resolution,

(b) any decision by the postcode contractor not to deal with a complaint, and

(c) any other information the postcode contractor considers appropriate.

(7) The Minister may, by regulations, make provision for the following:

(a) the procedure to be followed in investigating complaints;

(b) the requirements to be complied with by complainants;

(c) the remedies and redress available to complainants;

(d) any other matters the Minister considers necessary or appropriate to secure the effective protection of complainants.]




Inserted (6.07.2015) by Communications Regulation (Postal Services) (Amendment) Act 2015 (20/2015), s. 2(b), S.I. No. 337 of 2015.