Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Act 2011


Public consultation process.

15.— (1) Where the Commission is required to conduct a public consultation process in the performance of any of its functions under the Communications Regulation Acts 2002 to 2011 relating to postal services, the Commission shall carry out such process in accordance with procedures established and maintained by it.

(2) The procedures referred to in subsection (1) shall include the opportunity for interested persons, including representatives of postal service providers and postal service users and organisations representative of employees of postal service providers, to make representations on the matter, the subject of the consultation process concerned, to the Commission in such form and within such reasonable period as the Commission may specify generally or by reference to the consultation process concerned.

(3) The Commission shall publish a reference to the procedures referred to in subsection (1) in Iris Oifigiúil and shall make a copy of the procedures available, on request, to interested parties at a cost not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy or, where appropriate, such cost and the amount of any postage involved.