Environment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2011


Amendment of section 82 of Act of 2000.

23.— (1) Subsection (1) of section 82 of the Act of 2000 is amended by substituting “Notwithstanding paragraph ( a), ( h), ( i), ( ia), ( j), ( k) or ( l) of section 4(1), or any regulations made under section 4(2),” for “Notwithstanding section 4(1)( h),”.

(2) The amendment effected by subsection (1) shall not apply to development begun prior to the commencement of this section and completed not later than 12 months after such commencement, unless, immediately before such commencement, the development was being carried on in contravention of the Act of 2000 or regulations made under that Act.