Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Act 2010


Certain provisions may be included in orders.

47.— (1) There may be included in an order under this Act a provision that all the powers, or any specified power, exercisable by the members of the relevant institution concerned in a general meeting under, as the case may be, F52 [ the Companies Acts or the Building Societies Act 1989 ] , any other enactment, the relevant institution’s memorandum of association or articles of association, any agreement or any rule or other instrument, shall instead be exercised by the Minister. Such an exercise shall be taken for all purposes to have been that of the members.

(2) Where an order under this Act makes provision in accordance with subsection (1) , any provision of the enactments or instruments referred to in that subsection which—

( a) enables or requires any matter to be done or to be decided by a relevant institution in general meeting, or

( b) requires any matter to be decided by a resolution of that institution,

shall be taken to be satisfied by a decision of the Minister notified in writing to that institution.