Planning and Development (Amendment) Act 2010


Amendment of section 37H of Principal Act.

26.โ€” Section 37H(2) (inserted by section 3 of the Act of 2006) of the Principal Act is amended by the substitution of the following paragraph for paragraph ( c):

โ€œ( c) the sum due to be paid to the Board towards the costs incurred by the Board ofโ€”

(i) conducting consultations entered into by an applicant under section 37B,

(ii) compliance by the Board with a request by an applicant for an opinion of the Board under section 37D, or

(iii) determining an application under section 37E,

and, in such amount as the Board considers to be reasonable, state the sum to be paid and direct the payment of the sum to any planning authority that incurred costs during the course of consideration of that application and to any other person as a contribution to the costs incurred by that person during the course of consideration of that application (each of which sums the Board may, by virtue of this subsection, require to be paid).โ€.