Road Traffic Act 2010


Amendment of section 9 of Act of 2002 — disqualification under European Convention on driving disqualifications.

68.— Section 9 of the Act of 2002 is amended:

(a) in subsection (9), by inserting “or after the date on which the Convention has become applicable between the State and another Member State, by declaration under Article 15.4 of the Convention, by a person normally resident in that other Member State,” after “(“State of residence”),

(b) in subsection (12)(a), by—

(i) in the definition of “the Convention” by substituting “Luxembourg” for “Brussels”, and

(ii) inserting after the definition of “specified offence” the following:

“ ‘state of residence’ means the state of residence of a person who has committed a specified offence and to whom this subsection applies.”,


(c) in the Second Schedule, in the title, by substituting“Luxembourg” for “Brussels”.