Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010


Notification of changes of employment and earnings.

57.— Where an attachment of earnings order is in force—

(a) the maintenance debtor shall notify in writing the court that made the order of every occasion on which he or she leaves employment, or becomes employed or re-employed, not later than 10 days after doing so,

(b) the maintenance debtor shall, on any occasion on which he or she becomes employed or re-employed, include in the notification particulars of his or her earnings and expected earnings, and

(c) any person who becomes an employer of the maintenance debtor and who knows that the order is in force and by which court it was made shall, within 10 days of the later of the date of becoming an employer of the maintenance debtor and the date of acquiring the knowledge, notify the court in writing that he or she has become such an employer, and include in the notification a statement of the debtor’s earnings and expected earnings.