Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010



191.— (1) The court may determine the manner in which the costs incurred by the trustees of a scheme further to an order under section 187 are to be borne, including by one or the other of the qualified cohabitants or by both of them in the proportions that the court may determine, and in default of a determination, the qualified cohabitants shall bear those costs equally.

(2) The court may, on application to it by the trustees, order that an amount ordered to be paid by a qualified cohabitant under subsection (1) that has not been paid be deducted from any benefits payable to the qualified cohabitant—

(a) pursuant to an order made under section 187, if the qualified cohabitant is the beneficiary of the order; and

(b) pursuant to the scheme, if the qualified cohabitant is the member qualified cohabitant.