Communications Regulation (Premium Rate Services and Electronic Communications Infrastructure) Act 2010


Register of licensed premium rate service providers.

14.— (1) The Commission shall establish and maintain a register (“register”) of licensed premium rate service providers and shall include in it such information, as provided in any application under section 6, as the Commission considers appropriate, other than information which it reasonably considers confidential.

(2) The register shall be in electronic form and such other form (if any) as the Commission decides.

(3) The Commission may, as occasion requires, amend or delete an entry in the register.

(4) Members of the public may inspect the register free of charge at all reasonable times and may take copies of, or extracts from, entries in the register.

(5) In any proceedings a certificate bearing the seal of the Commission stating that the register shows that on the date or during the period specified in the certificate the name of the person identified by the certificate was not entered in the register, is admissible as evidence of the fact that a person identified by the certificate was not licensed by the Commission to provide a premium rate service under section 6 before that date or during that period.

(6) A document purporting to be a certificate under subsection (5) is deemed to be such a certificate, unless the contrary is shown.