Merchant Shipping Act 2010


High-speed craft rules.

44.— (1) The Minister may, in relation to any ships to which this Chapter applies, make rules ( “high-speed craft rules” ) prescribing requirements for—

(a) the design, construction, machinery of and fuel used in, equipment, subdivision and stability, electrical installations, fire protection, life-saving appliances and arrangements, navigation and tracking, and radio communications of such ships,

(b) the management, operation and maintenance of such ships,

(c) repairs, alterations, modifications and outfitting related to it, and

(d) such ships to be surveyed to such extent, and in such manner and at intervals as may be prescribed by the rules.

(2) Without prejudice to subsection (1) high-speed craft rules may include requirements for all or any of the following matters—

(a) buoyancy and stability of the ship,

(b) structure of the ship,

(c) accommodation and escape measures,

(d) directional control, anchoring, towing and berthing of the ship,

(e) fire safety and life saving appliances and arrangements,

(f) machinery, auxiliary systems, remote control, alarm and safety systems,

(g) electrical installations, shipborne navigational systems and equipment and voyage data recorders,

(h) radiocommunications,

(i) navigation and tracking systems and equipment and voyage data recorders,

(j) operating compartment layout,

(k) stabilisation systems, handling, controllability and performance of the ship,

(l) operational limits and requirements including craft operational control, recording of passenger details, training and qualifications of crew, manning survival craft and supervision, emergency instructions and drills,

(m) inspection and maintenance requirements,

(n) ship’s management,

(o) carriage on board of adequate information and guidance in the form of technical manuals to enable the ship to be operated and maintained safely,

(p) notification of accidents or defects,

(q) format for high-speed craft safety certificates and permit to operate (HSC), and

(r) conditions and procedures relating to the application for and grant of permit to operate (HSC).

(3) In making high-speed craft rules the Minister may categorise ships into different classes having regard to one or more of the following, where appropriate—

(a) the service for which such ships are to be employed,

(b) the nature and duration of voyages to be undertaken,

(c) the type and quantity of cargo such ships are designed to carry on board,

(d) the age and date of construction of such ships,

(e) the number of passengers or other persons, or both, that such ships are designed to carry on board, and

(f) such other matter or matters that the Minister considers appropriate to take into account in the circumstances.

(4) Different high-speed craft rules may be made in respect of different classes of ship for different circumstances and for different areas of operation.

(5) High-speed craft rules shall include such requirements as appear to the Minister to be necessary to implement the provisions of the Safety Convention, including the HSC codes, in relation to high-speed craft.

(6) Subject to subsection (2), the powers conferred on the Minister by this Chapter are in addition to the powers conferred by any other enactment enabling him or her to prescribe the requirements that ships to which this Chapter applies must comply with.