Merchant Shipping Act 2010


Nuclear carriage rules.

36.— (1) The Minister may make rules (“nuclear carriage rules”) prescribing requirements for the carriage by ships to which this Chapter applies of nuclear cargo, and requiring any such ships which are Irish ships to be surveyed to such extent and in such manner and at such intervals, as may be prescribed.

(2) Without prejudice to subsection (1) nuclear carriage rules may include requirements for all or any of the following matters—

(a) damage stability,

(b) fire safety measures,

(c) temperature control of cargo spaces,

(d) structural considerations,

(e) cargo securing arrangements,

(f) electrical power supply,

(g) radiological protection,

(h) management and training,

(i) shipboard emergency plan,

(j) notification of an incident involving ships’ cargoes to which the nuclear carriage rules apply,

(k) on-board documentation of cargo to which the nuclear carriage rules apply, and

(l) emergency response and medical first aid relevant to incidents involving nuclear cargo.

(3) In making nuclear carriage rules the Minister may categorise ships into different classes having regard to one or more of the following, where appropriate—

(a) the nature of the cargo to which the nuclear carriage rules apply and the amount of radiation being given off, or emitted, therefrom measured in Becquerel (Bq), and

(b) the service for which such ships are to be employed, and such other matter or matters that the Minister considers appropriate to take into account in the circumstances.

(4) Different nuclear carriage rules may be made for the carriage of different nuclear cargo by different classes of ships for different circumstances and for different areas of operation.

(5) Nuclear carriage rules shall include such requirements as appear to the Minister to be necessary to implement the provisions of the Safety Convention, including the INF code, in relation to the carriage of nuclear cargo.

(6) The powers conferred on the Minister by this Chapter are in addition to the powers conferred by any other enactment enabling him or her to prescribe the requirements that ships to which this Chapter applies must comply with.