Energy (Biofuel Obligation and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2010


Amendment of section 9 (functions of Commission) of Act of 1999.

24.— Section 9 of the Act of 1999 is amended—

( a) in subsection (1)( ec), by substituting “gas safety,” for “gas safety.”,

( b) in subsection (1), by inserting the following after paragraph ( ec):

“( ed) to regulate the activities of LPG installers with respect to safety.”,

( c) in subsection (1G)( a), by substituting “paragraphs ( ea) and ( ed) of subsection (1)” for “subsection (1)( ea)”,

( d) in subsection (1G)( b)(ii), by inserting “and LPG installers” after “natural gas installers”, and

( e) in subsection (1G)( b)(iii), by inserting “or LPG installer” after “natural gas installer”.