Inland Fisheries Act 2010


Functions of chief executive and their performance by deputy.

24.— (1) The chief executive shall—

(a) carry on, manage and control generally the staff, administration and business of IFI,

(b) perform such other functions as may be assigned to that officer by or under this Act or other enactment or as may be delegated to him or her by IFI, and

(c) supply IFI with such information (including financial information) relating to the performance of his or her functions as IFI may require.

(2) The chief executive is responsible to IFI for the performance of his or her functions and the implementation of the policies of IFI.

(3) If the chief executive is absent or the position of chief executive is vacant, the functions of the chief executive under this section may be performed by such employee of IFI as may be appointed by IFI from time to time to act as deputy chief executive.

(4) For the purposes of subsection (3), references in a provision of this Act, other than sections 23(7) and 23(8), or another enactment that assigns functions to the chief executive or that regulates the manner in which a function assigned to the chief executive is to be performed are to be read as references to the employee appointed under this section as deputy chief executive.