Inland Fisheries Act 2010


Resignations and casual vacancies.

19.— (1) An appointed member may resign office by letter addressed to the Minister and the resignation shall take effect on receipt of the letter by the Minister.

(2) If an appointed member resigns, dies, ceases to hold office (other than on completing a term of office), ceases to be qualified for office or is removed from office, the Minister shall as soon as practicable appoint a person to fill the casual vacancy so occasioned.

(3) The Minister shall, if the person is willing to act in such a capacity, appoint an employee of IFI selected in accordance with section 13(11) to fill a casual vacancy arising in respect of a member of IFI appointed under section 13(1).

(4) A person appointed under subsections (2) or (3) holds office for the unexpired portion of his or her predecessor’s term of office and at the end of that term is, subject to section 14, eligible for reappointment.