Public Transport Regulation Act 2009


Renewal of licences.

16.— (1) The holder of a licence may apply to the Authority for the renewal of the licence and the Authority may either renew or refuse to renew the licence.

(2) (a) An application for the renewal of a licence shall be made in a form and manner and be accompanied by other supporting information as the Authority may determine from time to time and the fee relevant to the application for the renewal of a licence determined under section 12.

(b) Where an application for the renewal of a licence is not made in full compliance with paragraph (a), the Authority shall notify the holder of the licence of a final date for the receipt of the complete application and that no consideration of the application will be given if the full application is not received on or before that date.

(3) In considering an application for the renewal of a licence the Authority shall—

(a) have regard to the degree to which the public bus passenger service has been provided having regard to the terms and conditions of the licence, and

(b) apply the provisions of sections 10 to 13 as it deems appropriate.

(4) Every renewal of a licence shall commence immediately upon the expiration of the licence or the last renewal of the licence (as the case may be) of which it is a renewal and, unless it is previously revoked under section 19, shall continue in force for the period of validity specified by the Authority, such period not being more than 5 years.