Courts and Court Officers Act 2009


Combined court office: deemed powers and functions.

18.— Where, under section 14, 15 or 17, the business of a constituent court office shall be transacted in a combined court office, for the purpose of the transaction the following shall apply:

(a) the combined court office is deemed to be an office of or attached to the constituent court concerned;

(b) the combined court office manager of that combined court office and the members of staff of the Courts Service employed in that office under section 21 are deemed to be officers attached to, or attached to an office of, that constituent court;

(c) any reference in an enactment to an office of or attached to that constituent court or to an officer or member of staff of that court is, save where the context otherwise requires, deemed to include that combined court office or an officer or member of staff of that combined court office, as the case may be.