National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


NAMA to notify participating institutions of completion of acquisition process.

97.— (1) When NAMA has served on a participating institution one or more acquisition schedules that specify all the bank assets that NAMA has acquired or at the time proposes to acquire from the participating institution, NAMA shall serve on the participating institution a notice in writing of that fact (in this Act referred to as a “completion notice”).

(2) A completion notice shall specify—

( a) all the bank assets (being bank assets that are eligible bank assets at the time of service of the completion notice) that NAMA has acquired or proposes to acquire from the participating institution concerned,

( b) the acquisition value determined by NAMA for each such bank asset, and

( c) the total value for those assets.

(3) NAMA shall not serve any further acquisition schedules on a participating institution after service of a completion notice on the institution unless the Minister prescribes further classes of eligible bank assets.