National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Books, records and title documents of participating institutions.

95.— (1) Where NAMA has acquired a bank asset, NAMA may direct the participating institution from which the bank asset was acquired—

( a) to deliver to NAMA all its books and records in relation to the bank asset concerned and any documents of title that it holds for any property that is subject to a security that is part of the bank asset, and

( b) to provide any information or explanation that NAMA requires in relation to those books, records and documents.

(2) A participating institution shall comply with a direction under subsection (1) .

(3) Where NAMA directs a participating institution under subsection (1) to deliver to NAMA books, records or documents in relation to a bank asset, the participating institution shall also secure that any officer, employee or agent of the participating institution who is able to do so provides an explanation of any such book, record or document, including an explanation of any apparent omission from such a book, record or document.

(4) If a participating institution is subject to a direction under subsection (1) and does not comply with the direction, NAMA may apply to the Court, on notice to the participating institution, for an order directing the institution to comply with the direction.

(5) The Court may make an order (including a mandatory or interlocutory order) under subsection (4) if the Court is satisfied that the production of the book, record, document or explanation, the provision of the facilities sought is reasonably necessary to enable NAMA to perform any of its functions under this Act.

(6) Where NAMA so directs, a participating institution shall retain custody, on behalf of NAMA, of any book, record, document or document of title referred to in this section subject to the giving of an accountable trust receipt or on other terms that NAMA directs.