National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Effect of service of acquisition schedule in relation to foreign bank assets.

91.— (1) In this Part—

“foreign bank asset” means a bank asset in which the transfer or assignment of any right, title or interest that NAMA proposes to acquire is governed in whole or in part by the law of a state (including the law of a territorial unit of a state) other than the State;

“foreign law”, in relation to a foreign bank asset or a transaction in relation to a foreign bank asset means the law of a state other than the State.

(2) In this section, where a bank asset is to be acquired by a NAMA group entity, a reference to NAMA in this section (but not in sections 92 and 93 as applied by subsection (10) ) shall be construed as a reference to the NAMA group entity.

(3) To the extent that a bank asset proposed to be acquired by NAMA is or includes a foreign bank asset—

( a) if the law governing the transfer or assignment of the foreign bank asset permits the transfer or assignment of that asset, the participating institution shall if NAMA so directs do everything required by law to give effect to the acquisition, or

( b) if the relevant foreign law does not permit the transfer or assignment of the foreign bank asset, the participating institution shall if NAMA so directs do all that the participating institution is permitted to do under that law to assign to NAMA the greatest interest possible in the foreign bank asset.

(4) A participating institution, to the extent that a foreign bank asset is one to which subsection (3) (b) applies—

( a) is subject to duties, obligations and liabilities as nearly as possible corresponding to those of a trustee in relation to that bank asset, and

( b) shall hold the bank asset for the benefit and to the direction of NAMA,

in each case subject to the nature of, and the terms and conditions of the acquisition of, the foreign bank asset.

(5) Subsection (3) applies in so far as the service of an acquisition schedule would not, of itself, as a matter of foreign law, operate to give effect to the acquisition of a foreign bank asset or otherwise effect or achieve the result referred to in that subsection in relation to such a bank asset.

(6) Without prejudice to subsection (4) , a participating institution shall, immediately upon being so directed by NAMA to do so, execute and deliver to NAMA any contract, document, agreements, deed or other instrument that NAMA considers necessary or desirable to ensure that there is effected a binding acquisition by NAMA or the NAMA group entity concerned, under the applicable law, of the interest specified in the relevant acquisition schedule. NAMA may issue more than one direction under this subsection in connection with a foreign bank asset.

(7) A trust, duty, obligation or liability created or constituted by this section shall not be taken to constitute a security.

(8) A participating institution shall comply with any direction of NAMA in relation to any duty, obligation or liability under this section.

(9) A participating institution shall obtain, make, maintain and comply with any authorisation, consent, approval, resolution, licence, exemption, filing, notarisation or registration that is necessary in the State and in any other place in connection with ensuring the legality and enforceability of any act, matter or thing referred to in this section.

(10) Sections 92 and 93 apply with any necessary modifications in relation to a foreign bank asset.