National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


NAMA to prepare acquisition schedule.

87.— (1) When NAMA has identified an eligible bank asset of a participating institution that NAMA proposes to acquire, and has determined the acquisition value of that asset, NAMA shall serve on the institution a schedule (referred to in this Act as an “acquisition schedule”).

(2) NAMA may nominate a NAMA group entity as the entity that is to acquire a bank asset identified for acquisition.

(3) An acquisition schedule shall set out for each eligible bank asset to be acquired—

( a) a statement of the eligible bank asset and the interest to be acquired,

( b) a statement of any obligations or liabilities excluded from the acquisition,

( c) the acquisition value,

( d) details of how the acquisition value was calculated,

( e) any obligations, additional to those imposed by this Act, to be imposed on the participating institution after the acquisition that are to take effect after the acquisition,

( f) the date of acquisition, and

( g) if the eligible bank asset is not to be acquired by NAMA itself, the NAMA group entity that will acquire it.

(4) In addition to the matters required by subsection (3) , NAMA may set out in an acquisition schedule any other matter (including any terms and conditions) that it considers necessary in the particular case.

(5) For the avoidance of doubt, an acquisition schedule may specify any number of particular eligible bank assets.

(6) For the avoidance of doubt, NAMA may serve more than one acquisition schedule on a participating institution.

(7) The date of acquisition of a designated bank asset shall be at least 28 days after the relevant acquisition schedule is served on the participating institution concerned unless NAMA specifies a shorter period in the acquisition schedule.