National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Applications for designation as participating institution.

62.— (1) A credit institution may apply to the Minister, within 60 days (or such longer period that the Minister prescribes by order under this subsection) after the establishment day, for it and its subsidiaries to be designated as participating institutions. A credit institution that applies under this subsection shall include all of its subsidiaries in the application (including those that it has requested be excluded from designation).

(2) An applicant credit institution may include in its application a request to exclude particular subsidiaries from designation, and shall give reasons for any requested exclusion.

(3) An application under subsection (1) shall be in the form that the Minister directs. The Minister may direct that different forms shall be used for that purpose by different credit institutions.

(4) The Minister may direct an applicant credit institution to provide, as part of its application, a certificate, supported by a statutory declaration, in relation to it and all of its subsidiaries collectively, jointly by the chief executive officer and chief financial officer of the applicant credit institution—

( a) that since 30 July 2009, it and each of its subsidiaries has dealt in the way required by section 66 (1) with such of its bank assets as the Minister specifies, or if to any extent it has not done so, the extent to which it has not done so , and

( b) that the information in the application is accurate and complete.

(5) An applicant credit institution that is a subsidiary shall furnish an undertaking by its parent company to provide any information and do anything else required of the parent company or any other member of its group to enable the Minister to consider the application. The Minister is not obliged to consider an application by a subsidiary if no such undertaking is given.

(6) An applicant credit institution shall undertake to obtain all necessary consents, in accordance with any applicable law including the consents of all its subsidiaries (including subsidiaries that it has requested be excluded from designation) and any necessary consent of any other member of its group. The Minister may consider the relevant application whether or not he or she has evidence that any relevant consent has been obtained and is not required to seek evidence of any such consent.

(7) An applicant credit institution may make an application under this section notwithstanding that at the time of the application it has not yet received any or all of the necessary consents.