National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Financing arrangements — NAMA, etc., may issue subordinated debt securities.

49.— (1) NAMA or a NAMA group entity may, whenever and so often as it thinks fit, create and issue subordinated debt securities of such class or type as it specifies—

( a) bearing interest at such rate as it thinks fit, or no interest,

( b) for such cash or non-cash consideration or deferred consideration as it thinks fit, and

( c) subject to such terms and conditions as to repayment, subordination, repurchase, cancellation or redemption or any other matter as it thinks fit.

(2) Subordinated debt securities issued under this section shall be used only for the purpose of providing part of the consideration for the acquisition of bank assets in accordance with section 92 .

(3) To the extent that the terms and conditions of the subordinated debt securities (including the terms of subordination) are referenced to or based on a measure of financial performance, the measure shall be the financial performance of NAMA in totality and not any part or parts of the acquired portfolio.

(4) Subordinated debt securities may be subject to different terms and conditions for different classes or types of those securities.

(5) The total amount of subordinated debt securities issued under this section shall not exceed 5 per cent of the aggregate total portfolio acquisition value. Such securities will be issued to the participating institutions pro rata.