National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Suspension of officers of NAMA.

43.— The Chief Executive Officer of NAMA, after consultation with the Chief Executive of the NTMA, may suspend, on such terms and conditions as he or she thinks fit, an officer of NAMA from his or her duties as such an officer if—

( a) the officer has been convicted at any time of—

(i) an offence of theft, fraud or dishonesty, or

(ii) any other offence that the Chief Executive Officer considers likely to render him or her unfit or unsuitable to perform his or her duties,

( b) the officer is restricted or disqualified from acting as a director under the Companies Acts,

( c) the officer—

(i) is not adequately performing his or her functions, whether because of incapacity through illness or injury or otherwise, or

(ii) has committed misconduct in relation to his or her duties as an officer of NAMA,

( d) in the Chief Executive Officer’s opinion, a material conflict of interest in relation to his or her duties as an officer of NAMA has arisen in relation to the officer, or

( e) the officer’s suspension appears to the Chief Executive Officer to be necessary or expedient for the effective performance by NAMA of its functions.