National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Limitation of judicial review.

193.— (1) Leave shall not be granted for judicial review of a decision under this Act unless—

( a) either—

(i) the application for leave to seek judicial review is made to the Court within one month after the decision is notified to the person concerned, or

(ii) the Court is satisfied that—

(I) there are substantial reasons why the application was not made within that period, and

(II) it is just, in all the circumstances, to grant leave, having regard to the interests of other affected persons and the public interest,


( b) the Court is satisfied that the application raises a substantial issue for the Court’s determination.

(2) The Court may make such order on the hearing of the judicial review as it thinks fit, including an order remitting the matter back to the maker of the decision with such directions as the Court thinks appropriate or necessary.

(3) This section applies to NAMA and a NAMA group entity in the same manner as it applies to any other applicant for judicial review of a decision under or pursuant to this Act.