National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


NAMA to have certain contractual rights of land developers.

177.— (1) Where this Chapter applies, NAMA has, without prejudice to any rights arising at law, the same rights as the participating institution and the debtor and any associated debtor, guarantor or surety in relation to the acquired bank asset concerned in relation to any breach of contract or obligation (including defective design or workmanship in any building or other structure constructed or to be constructed, or works to be carried out, on, in or under the land concerned). All such rights shall be taken to have been assigned to NAMA by the acquisition by NAMA of the bank asset, subject to—

( a) any obligations or liabilities of the participating institution under the relevant bank asset, and

( b) any exclusion of obligations and liabilities from the acquisition set out in the relevant acquisition schedule.

(2) Where under subsection (1) NAMA acquires a right in relation to any breach of contract or obligation, NAMA may, by certificate under its seal, confer that right on another person.