National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Form and effect of compulsory transfer order.

169.— (1) A compulsory transfer order shall have attached to it a map of the land to which it relates.

(2) A compulsory transfer order vests in NAMA or the NAMA group entity nominated by NAMA under section 163 (1) the land specified in it in fee simple free from encumbrances and all estates, rights, titles and interests of whatever kind (other than any public right of way) with effect from a date (not earlier than 21 days after the making of the order) specified in the order.

(3) NAMA shall cause a compulsory transfer order to be sent to the Property Registration Authority under the Registration of Title Act 1964 and the Registration of Deeds and Title Act 2006. The Property Registration Authority shall cause NAMA or the nominated NAMA group entity referred to in section 163 (1) to be registered as owner of the land in accordance with the order.