National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Statutory receiver to be agent of chargor, etc.

149.— (1) A statutory receiver shall be taken to be the agent of the chargor for all purposes.

(2) The chargor is solely responsible for the remuneration, contracts, engagements, acts, omissions, defaults and losses of a statutory receiver and for liabilities incurred by a statutory receiver. NAMA does not incur any liability (either to the chargor or to any other person) by reason of the appointment of a statutory receiver or for the actions or inactions of a statutory receiver.

(3) A statutory receiver shall be taken to have been irrevocably appointed as an attorney of the chargor (with full powers of substitution and delegation) and to have the authority in the chargor’s name, on the chargor’s behalf and as the chargor’s act and deed, to—

( a) sign, seal, execute, deliver and perfect and do all deeds, instruments, acts and things that the chargor could do or ought to do pursuant to any bank asset that has been acquired by NAMA or a NAMA group entity,

( b) generally in the chargor’s name and on the chargor’s behalf exercise all or any of the powers, authorities and discretions—

(i) conferred by any enactment, or the common law or pursuant to any agreement forming part of any acquired bank asset, or

(ii) that NAMA or the statutory receiver thinks fit for carrying into effect a sale, lease, charge, mortgage or dealing by NAMA, the relevant NAMA group entity concerned or the statutory receiver,


( c) generally to use the chargor’s name in the exercise of any power, authority or discretion conferred on a statutory receiver.