National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Certain instruments by NAMA to be taken to be deeds.

142.— (1) In relation to any land in which NAMA has an interest, whether legal or beneficial, an instrument under seal of NAMA or the common seal of the NAMA group entity concerned that is expressed to convey that interest or any part of that interest in the land concerned to another person shall be taken for all purposes to be a deed of conveyance of the land executed under seal by the owner of the interest in the land concerned.

(2) An instrument referred to in subsection (1) extinguishes the interest of any other chargee or mortgagee in the land concerned other than a charge that has priority to the interest of NAMA concerned and has not been redeemed or discharged under section 140 .

(3) Where the interest of a chargee or mortgagee in land is extinguished by the operation of this section the interest attaches to the proceeds of the sale concerned.

(4) Where the interests of more than one chargee or mortgagee are extinguished by the operation of this section the interests so extinguished attach to the proceeds of the sale concerned in the same order of priority as those interests had before the extinguishment.