National Asset Management Agency Act 2009



118.— (1) The costs of a review under this Chapter are payable as follows:

( a) in a case where the Minister’s decision is one referred to in section 117 (1) (a) , the costs of both parties are payable by the participating institution; and

( b) in any other case, neither of the parties pays costs and each of the parties bears its own costs.

(2) If a participating institution withdraws an application for the review under this Chapter, it is liable for the costs incurred up to the time of the withdrawal unless NAMA agrees otherwise.

(3) If NAMA and the participating institution concerned cannot reach agreement on costs , the costs of the review shall be determined by a Taxing Master of the Court. For that purpose, the Taxing Master has all the functions for the time being conferred on him or her under any enactment or in any rules of court (with any necessary modifications) in relation to the taxation of costs to be paid by one party to another in proceedings before the Court.

(4) The Taxing Master may direct that the costs of all reviews under this Chapter in relation to a participating institution shall be dealt with together after the service on the participating institution of a completion notice.