National Asset Management Agency Act 2009


Purposes of NAMA.

10.— (1) NAMA’s purposes shall be to contribute to the achievement of the purposes specified in section 2 by—

( a) the acquisition from participating institutions of such eligible bank assets as is appropriate,

( b) dealing expeditiously with the assets acquired by it, and

( c) protecting or otherwise enhancing the value of those assets, in the interests of the State.

(2) So far as possible, NAMA shall, expeditiously and consistently with the achievement of the purposes specified in subsection (1) , obtain the best achievable financial return for the State having regard to—

( a) the cost to the Exchequer of acquiring bank assets and dealing with acquired bank assets,

( b) NAMA’s cost of capital and other costs, and

( c) any other factor which NAMA considers relevant to the achievement of its purposes.